Prevent tracking of the transaction with the service

Mixing of bitcoins helps to improve the safety of every owner of the cryptocurrency. During mixing, the amount of coins for transaction goes to the pool. In that pool, the coins of thousand owners are mixed with each other. This way help to prevent tracking of the transaction.

The incredible growth of bitcoins

The bitcoin rate is growing rapidly. It is known that one of the residents of the United States in 2010 bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins, which is now equivalent to more than $ 5 million. To date, the market of this virtual currency has 15 404 700 units in circulation. The growth is incredible:

  • 416.28 dollars for a “coin” at the beginning of 2016
  • 4367.71 dollars for a virtual coin in August 2017.

What will be with the system?

The currency’s capitalization exceeded $ 72 billion. The cost estimate of bitcoins has grown significantly compared to other world currencies. It is expected that bitcoin can become a new gold standard that will provide a monetary equilibrium in the existing financial system and will introduce a new measure of value.

 crypto currency

Rapid growth in the production and use of new cryptocurrency attracts attention. Many experts have a question about the impact of this system on the world financial system and on the finances of individual countries. There is no unified approach to assessing this influence in the world. In some countries, the turnover of bitcoins is banned by law; in others, street ATMs are already installed to exchange digital currency for fiat money.

Despite the different opinions about the future, all the experts suggest protecting wallets with all responsibility. The anonymity can be increased with mixing service.